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Team Member Spotlight: Kayla Davis

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

In 2021, our organization made some amazing new additions to the team. We are so excited for you to meet them! In this post, we'd like to introduce you to our new Education Specialist, Kayla Davis.

Kayla comes to YokyWorks with a wealth of prior teaching experience and a Master's in Reading. She was a fourth grade literacy and history teacher for six years, and taught second grade and preschool prior to that. We had the opportunity to interview Kayla and learn more about her passion for helping students to improve their confidence and build self efficacy through the learning process.

Sarah: You have a lot of experience working in literacy education, both in the classroom and through your graduate school coursework to become a Reading Specialist. Given that wealth of experience, I'm curious - what surprised you most when you were first training to become an Education Specialist at YokyWorks?

Kayla: When I first began training, I was shocked by just how much sense the Milan Method made for students with literacy barriers. I thought back to previous students I had worked with and how much the Milan method would have positively impacted their reading journey. I truly believe all students could benefit from this method and become successful readers.

Sarah: As a fellow former classroom teacher, I completely relate. What initially drew you to working with YokyWorks?

Kayla: I was drawn to YokyWorks because of their exciting and encouraging values to break down those reading barriers and view the child as a whole. It was clear after meeting everyone within the organization, that they were extremely enthusiastic about the Milan Method and the difference it was making for their students. The excitement of the team and the knowledge base was captivating. The opportunity to support and work with students to truly embrace and improve their literacy abilities is something I've become very passionate about.

Sarah: What do you like most about the Milan method approach?

Kayla: I love that the Milan Method can be tailored to meet every student where they are at and can address areas based on what each individual student needs. I think the versatility in activities and games offered within the program allow for student success and engagement while taking autonomy for their own learning. I think it is wonderful that I am able to incorporate different areas of interest into the program while getting to know each student.

Sarah: All of our Education Specialists deliver the Milan method program a little differently. How would you describe your personal teaching style?

Kayla: I am a very animated and enthusiastic person when it comes to teaching. I think learning should be fun and engaging for both myself and the student. My goal is to help students feel successful while still being silly and making them laugh. I think building that relationship in which students feel comfortable and accepted is where the real gains are made.

Sarah: I love that! In the spirit of silliness, let's end with a question we like to ask to get to know our new students. What's your ideal superpower?

Kayla: My ideal superpower would be teleportation because there are so many different places I'd love to travel to. I also have friends and family around the country that I would love to be able to visit with the snap of my fingers.


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