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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can benefit from the program?

We serve a wide range of students in both age and skill level! Our structured literacy program program creates a strong foundation for literacy and life-long learning for new and emerging readers and those who have experienced long-term difficulties with reading.   


Is this program a good fit for my child?

Our program has been shown to improve literacy for a variety of learners, including those without learning differences. We will consult with you and your child to determine how we can best meet their needs. Using a series of activities to measure their phonological and phonemic awareness, we can make recommendations and tailor our program to their specific learner profile. 

Who will be my child's teacher in the program? 

Our program is delivered by our dynamic education specialists who have backgrounds in education and undergo a rigorous training protocol. Our education specialists are skilled in customizing the program so that it is effective and fun for every student.

How and where are sessions administered?

Our program is offered virtually and is accessible regardless of your location. While we know you may not relish the thought of yet another video meeting, our education specialists are great at keeping their students engaged and entertained. Even students who hate online school say they look forward to their sessions with us. For children in kindergarten through first grade, each session lasts 25 minutes and typically occurs 3 times per week. For children in 2nd grade and above, each session typically lasts for 50 minutes and most occur 2 times per week. 

Why is it important for children to develop phonemic awareness?

Developing phonological and phonemic awareness allows children to accurately decode unfamiliar words and become fluent readers. Because we begin our program by building each student's ability to notice, think about, and work with the sound structures of English, our students are fully prepared to benefit from phonics instruction. Without this ability, children cannot understand the structural link between sounds and letters and, therefore, must rely on memorizing whole words in order to extract meaning from text. This reliance on rote memorization impacts their reading fluency, comprehension, and spelling. 

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