Pre-K to 2nd Grade



Are you worried your child isn't reading as well as they could be? Do you want your child to have the best foundation possible for their future reading and literacy? You've come to the right place. Our education specialists are here to help your child thrive with an approach to reading instruction that is explicit, logical, sequential, scaffolded, multisensory, and fun!   

When your child begins our program, they will experience fun, engaging, and individualized 1:1 or small group instruction from one of our experienced education specialists. Most students attend our 50-minute sessions 1-2 times per week and will graduate in anywhere between 5 and 9 months, depending on their learning style and starting point. 


Our program sets the foundation for fluent reading with Milan Method techniques by guiding your child on an exciting and colorful multisensory journey of experimentation and self discovery. Along the way, your child will develop their ability to perceive, differentiate, and manipulate the sounds in spoken language, all of which are crucial stepping stones in the cultivation of reading and spelling skills. Once your child graduates from our Milan Method auditory speech perception program, which we affectionately call “Sound Land,” the phonics portion of your child’s reading acquisition will become effortless.


After building this strong foundation in perceiving, ordering, and visually representing the sounds they hear and feel in our language, your child is ready to move into the final phase of the program, which one of our brilliant students named “Letter Land.” In this portion of the program, your child will learn to associate the sounds that they can now see, feel, and hear with the letter combinations used to represent these sounds in the English language. By the end of our program your child will not only be able to read at or above grade level, they will also gain the confidence and self efficacy to become life-long learners.

At YokyWorks, we also believe that learning to read should be fun! In each session, your child will get to experience a variety of different games and activities, specially tailored to their interests, needs and preferences. We will ensure that your child looks forward to learning with us (but be warned...they may never want to leave!). 

Program Overview


Getting to know your child and their needs!


Rewiring the brain's ability to hear spoken sounds.


 Checking student progress.


Learning to map letters to sounds.


Learning to read at or above grade level with confidence!

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