At YokyWorks, our mission is to remove reading barriers and unlock the potential of every child.

Whether you are their parent, educator, or loved one, your gut instinct about your child is always correct. If you're concerned that there is a problem with your child's reading, you should trust that intuition. There is nothing natural about the reading process. The human brain is not designed to read—the human brain is designed to speak and to interpret language, but most brains cannot learn to read fluently without adaptive instruction.

Fortunately, we have a solution. 

 Our program makes reading effortless with fun and engaging activities specially designed for the ways the human brain is wired to learn. We use Milan Method materials to customize our sessions for each student's unique needs and preferences. We offer programs for emerging readers ages 4-8 as well as older students (and adults) with dyslexia. 


"We were at our wits’ end. Jane Milan's program changed all that – in just six months, our daughter was reading at grade level, performing better in school and (most importantly) feeling confident in her abilities." —Anonymous parent

A Reading Program Created by a Dyslexic

(that works for everyone)

Here at YokyWorks, we are just as concerned about a child's self-efficacy and esteem as we are about literacy development. 

The creator of our program, Jane Milan, knows what it's like to live with learning differences. These experiences inform her method, which not only teaches kids to read, but also fosters connection and self-confidence.


Our education specialists create a safe space where children learn not to fear what makes them extraordinary. They realize the power in how they think, process, and act.

5 to 9 Months

Average program duration

(with 1-2 hours of instruction per week)


Average percentile increase in benchmark assessment

(an average pre-test score is 20.9 and average post-test score is 81.2)


students graduate reading above grade level

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