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The Milan Method is tailored to the individual needs of the child and involves a suite of assessments and individualized tutoring sessions that occur 2x per week.

Who teaches The Milan Method? 

YokyWorks is the exclusive provider of The Milan Method. Our education specialists undergo a rigorous training protocol and are supervised by Jane Milan, creator and founder of The Milan Method.

Who can benefit from The Milan Method?

This program has been shown to improve literacy for all children (and adults!), including those with or without a diagnosis of dyslexia, reading delay, comprehension deficits and/or other learning differences.


Is The Milan Method a good fit for my child?

We will consult with you and your child to determine how we can best meet their needs. Using a series of activities to measure their phonemic awareness and auditory perception, we can make recommendations and tailor our program to their specific learner profile. 

How and where are sessions administered?

Our individualized sessions are usually offered in a 1:1 setting. Each session typically lasts for 50 minutes and most occur 2 times per week. We also offer intensive sessions to provide a boost to students who need it. 

Our method works both in-person and online and is accessible regardless of your location. For the time being, we are offering our sessions online to comply with pandemic regulations. 

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