The Milan Method

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Did you know that how a child hears spoken sounds can have an impact on their reading ability?

The Milan Method is specifically designed to improve sound and speech perception skills in both new and struggling readers by using an auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and multi-sensory approach.

The Milan Method is an auditory speech perception program that remediates auditory perception, auditory memory size, auditory sequencing and auditory discrimination. Auditory memory size and auditory and speech discrimination are precursors for phonemic awareness. While other programs designed to build phonemic awareness exist, a student who appears to have phonemic awareness may not have auditory and speech perception. The Milan Method specifically remediates this auditory and speech perception, the outcome of which is phonemic awareness.

Phonemic awareness is essential in literacy development, especially in early literacy acquisition.  Before children can become skilled readers, they must learn to hear the differences between individual phonemes (or sounds) in the spoken word.  This understanding allows students to grasp the link between spoken phonemes and letters. 

The Milan Method is a research based program grounded in the Orton-Gillingham approach. We teach direct connection from oral motor movement to the auditory system to the visual connection of the actual expression of the sound.  We do not utilize any mnemonics to teach kinesthetic, oral motor, auditory connection.


This is not a phonics program, but rather the step before phonics is introduced.

The Milan Method Overview

The Milan Method is grounded in the belief that every child can learn to read

despite reading not being a natural process. 

Reading is not an innate ability—it is an acquired skill. We strive to remove barriers for successful literacy development and provide children with improved self-confidence. We believe a child's individuality is their superpower. Our educational specialists use individualized scaffolds to guarantee success rather than expecting each student to adapt to a prescribed learning outcome. One day, we want to become the standard preventative care for young children everywhere in the world.  

 Journey Through the Milan Method

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  1. Pre-Assessment (Start)—This is how we get to know your student in order to best serve them. We work to understand their starting point and begin to develop an individualized approach to best support their needs and learner profile. (Consultation and assessment typically take 5 hours)

  2. Sound Land—A multi-sensory approach to rewire the brain's ability to hear spoken sounds in language. This is done without using letters. Students graduate Sound Land when they can successfully track 4-5 sounds. (Students typically spend 18-25 hours in Sound Land.) 

  3. Midpoint Assessment—This is where we check student progress following the completion of Sound Land. (Assessment usually takes 3 hours). 

  4. Bridge (Worm Hole)—The bridge to Letter Land is the transition point for students moving to the next stage of the Milan Method. (Students typically spend 2-4 hours learning to map letters to sounds while in this stage.)

  5. Letter Land—A multi-sensory approach to work on structured literacy grounded in Orton-Gillingham principles. Students graduate when they are reading at or above grade level with confidence. (Students typically spend 25-30 hours in Letter Land.)

  6. Post-Assessment—Following the completion of Letter Land, we check student progress for a final time and show growth through the entire program by comparing results with pre and midpoint assessments. (Assessment usually takes 3 hours). 

0-5 hours

5 hours getting to know you!


18-25 hours spent in Sound Land


 3 hours to check progress


2-4 hours mapping letters to sounds


25-30 hours spent in Letter Land

3 hours for final assessments


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