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“Within just a few months of starting The Milan Method program, my daughter's progress in reading rose so rapidly that her teacher remarked that she had never seen anyone progress so quickly. My daughter not only reached grade level but easily surpassed it. She is now in 5th grade.  Her composite reading level is at the 6th grade and she is the best in her class at spelling.”

Example Success Stories
“Our son has been able to go on into high school and has excelled at AP English, Reading and writing all due to The Milan Method!”
"We were at our wits’ end.  The Milan Method changed all that – in just six months, our daughter was reading at grade level, performing better in school and (most importantly) feeling confident in her abilities. Jane Milan is the closest thing to a miracle worker we have encountered in a very long time!"  
The Milan Method Philosophy

Reading failure is preventable and unacceptable in light of what we know about reading development. The drive behind the creation of the Milan Method rests on the belief all students can learn to read, regardless of their ethnicity, socioeconomic background, and varying cognitive abilities.

The Milan Method is a multi-sensory, explicit, sequential auditory perception program utilizing oral motor feedback cues to discriminate, identify, order, and manipulate individual phonemes within the spoken word before the introduction of phonics.  Focusing on the development of auditory perception skills before the introduction of phonics is a unique feature not found in most other reading and spelling programs.  Phonemic perception will provide a solid base for reading maturation and allow for the early identification of atypical reading development.  The Milan Method also provides multi-sensory, explicit, scaffolded, student-driven instruction for phonics, word recognition, spelling, morphology, and syntax for both reading and writing.

The Milan Method