YokyWorks started in 2009 with a mission to engineer for the human experience.

In the early years, YokyWorks focused on enhancing the lifestyles of those with physical challenges through the building and development of physical devices.

For the last several years, Yoky struggled as a mom raising children with dyslexia (while also discovering herself as dyslexic through this journey).  That’s when she met Jane Milan.

After many failed attempts to get her children to read, she was fortunate enough to learn about The Milan Method, and her and her children’s lives were changed.

To ensure that more children can benefit from the gift of The Milan Method, YokyWorks is now partnered with Jane Milan to focus on an early reading enhancement program.  YokyWorks is the exclusive provider of The Milan Method.

If you are also looking to unblock barriers and help your child achieve their dreams, please contact us at contact@yokyworks.com or click below.

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